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Ghost Mannequin Service Definition

Fashion-related businesses place a significant emphasis on presenting their products in a visually satisfying manner. However, simply having a variety of options isn’t enough if people aren’t aware of them. To truly stand out in the competitive world of garments and apparel marketing, both online and offline, businesses strive to showcase their products in the best possible light.

This brings us to the concept of Ghost Mannequin Services, which involves the process of removing unwanted mannequins from a photo to give apparel a ghostly, hollow look. The essential requirement is having a photo of the apparel with the mannequin, both from the front and potentially with or without the mannequin for the back part of the garment.

The success of this process hinges on the expertise and dedication of professional photo manipulation artists. While there are specific actions involved in this process, what truly matters in creating an eye-catching and perfect presentation is the skill level of the editor. The goal is to make the presentation of fashion items as attractive and flawless as possible, capturing the attention of potential customers.

What Makes Pixele Photo Editing Lab the Best for Ghost Mannequin Services?

The Ghost Mannequin Services is a specialized form of photo editing that creates a ghostly empty effect for clothing items by making the mannequin invisible. To achieve this effect and bring back the sections of the clothing, various Photoshop tools and techniques are employed. The final result gives the appearance that the clothing is being worn by an invisible person.

Pixele Photo Editing Lab is highly capable and efficient in providing the level of performance you require. Additionally, if needed, retouching can be applied to address any imperfections in the image. The process of enhancing the subject for a better view begins with Ghost Mannequin Services, and photo retouching is an integral part of Ghost Mannequin Services. To achieve the best results, a combination of Photoshop methods is applied.

Quality is our top priority, and our expertise and talent are reflected in the results we deliver. Our commitment to perfection sets us apart as one of the premier Ghost Mannequin Service providers in the world. Our approach to this work is not merely a task to be completed; it is a dedication to achieving the best possible output. While cost considerations are important, our focus is always on maintaining affordability for our clients.

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Who is the main user of Ghost Mannequin Services

Understanding why Ghost Mannequin Services is needed for your e-commerce business is essential before discussing who may require Ghost Mannequin Services. While achieving a hollow, 3-D appearance for apparel is a significant benefit, there is more to consider.

First and foremost, Ghost Mannequin Service enhances apparel presentations by providing an attractive and distraction-free look. It eliminates the need to invest significant sums in hiring human models, who often require extensive preparation and cost considerably more. Although human models remain the top choice for apparel views due to their attachment and necessity, there are other compelling reasons for using this service.

The individuals and companies that need Ghost Mannequin Services the most include apparel manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and sellers—essentially, those directly involved in apparel manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Ghost Mannequin Services are also relevant for photographers, particularly because ghost mannequin photography manipulation differs from regular editing and can be time-consuming. Professional photographers often prefer to focus on their core work rather than dedicating extensive time to this type of editing. Additionally, liaison houses that receive orders from other clients may require these services to meet specific editing needs.

In summary, Ghost Mannequin Services caters to a range of professionals and businesses within the apparel industry, photographers, and liaison houses involved in apparel marketing and sales.

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Service Categories for Ghost Mannequin Services

The editing methods used in Ghost Mannequin Services are quite similar, with the main differences lying in how the tailoring is executed on the clothing and how the final version is presented. To achieve the desired effect, multiple photos of the same outfit taken from various angles with a mannequin are typically required.

The process involves removing the mannequin and seamlessly incorporating the necessary parts to complete the entire apparel in a 3D view. It’s important to note that “3-D” in this context refers to the visual representation of the clothing, not the creation of a three-dimensional object using software.

Neck Joint

Start From-$1.00/image

The fundamental concept behind removing the mannequin is to create an empty rear section of the room. Without the presence of the rear section, the garment would be obscured, particularly its back portion. The back of the garment often contains essential details such as labels, size information, brand names, and more. Ensuring a flawless and unobstructed view of these elements is a key objective in this editing process.

Ghost Mannequin

Start From-$1.00/image

One of the most appealing forms of manipulation service is the ghost mannequin effect. Whether you need a single appearance of the apparel without the mannequin or a 360° rotation view, both requirements involve the fundamental cut and joint process. However, for the 360° rotation view, we will require multiple photos taken from different angles by rotating the apparel with the mannequin to create a comprehensive view.

Sleeve Joint

Start From-$1.00/image

Similar to the other categories, the aesthetic appearance is achieved through the sleeves mannequin effect. This effect is used for the sleeves of garments. It involves creating both the view of the sleeve without the mannequin and the complete garment shot with the mannequin. Like other Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing services, the goal is to seamlessly link the back section for sleeves to achieve a polished and visually appealing result.


If you are seeking a specialized company for Ghost Mannequin Services to retouch your photos, allow me to introduce Pixele Photo Editing Lab. We are dedicated to providing top-notch online Ghost Mannequin Services with a strong track record of positive results. Editing is a discipline in which our professional graphic designers excel, and we specialize in offering Professional Ghost Mannequin Services.

We are equipped to handle any type of photograph you have for editing, and you can trust in your decision to hire us. Feel free to review our portfolio of completed photographs and take advantage of our free trial offers to experience our services firsthand. Additionally, we offer unlimited revision facilities to address any quality concerns. For a Professional Ghost Mannequin Services near you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to meet your editing needs with precision and expertise.

How is a Digital Ghost Mannequin Services

The Ghost Mannequin Services operates in a manner similar to other image editing services that we specialize in, such as Clipping Path, Retouching, Manipulation, Enhancements, and more.

The process begins with the removal of the clothing pieces from the entire image, a technique achieved through Clipping Path Service. We refer to these removed parts as ‘Apparel Parts’ because the operation involves both the front and back sections of the clothing.

Next, we meticulously eliminate any impurities, wrinkles, or other detrimental elements to ensure a flawless presentation.

Subsequently, we seamlessly merge the front and rear halves of the subject against a solid-colored backdrop. Additionally, we eliminate any unwanted spreading and create a shadow behind the front section. If requested, we can also employ animation with adjustable rotational timing to create a 3D/360° Packshot.

The entire operation is carried out by the professionals at Pixele Photo Editing Lab, with each step meticulously focused on achieving the best possible output with precision.

What Clients Say about Our Work

Walid Slimi Senior Art Director / Designer

The quality of the edits was outstanding, and their service was prompt and effective. The team's assistance and direction on how to get the most out of my images was also incredibly useful. I was quite pleased with the entire process and would strongly suggest this service to anyone. I will come back again .

Elina Hector PackagingGraphic DesignArt Direction

Thrilled with the results! The team at Pixele Photo Editing Lab breathed new life into my photos, exceeding all expectations. Their attention to detail and quick turnaround time made the whole process seamless. Highly recommend their services to anyone looking for top-notch photo editing. Thank you so much.

TviT Ninee Kikson Photography Graphic Design Advertising

Exceptional service! From start to finish, Pixele Photo Editing Lab demonstrated professionalism and skill. They transformed my photos into stunning works of art, capturing the essence of each moment perfectly. With their affordable rates and prompt communication, I'll definitely be a returning customer. Thank you

Michael Clark photographer

Absolutely blown away! They took my ordinary photos and turned them into extraordinary masterpieces. Their creative touch and attention to detail truly set them apart. Working with them was a breeze, and the end results speak for themselves. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you for making my images perfect

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions that people ask us everytime. If you have more questions then you can ask more questions.

These services are utilized in the garment industry. Additionally, if you are a new business and want to sell your products effectively, you must employ it. Therefore, you are able to use the services for both online and offline presentations..

Everyone involved in the apparel industry and marketing, from manufacturers to retailers, can use the service. Additionally, due to our experience working with a variety of clients throughout the years, Pixele Photo Editing Lab can handle any kind of client.

The cost of picture editing varies depending on the complexity of the garment and the upgrades needed. So, if you request a quote, you can have a better understanding. The starting fee for a photograph is $2.

The Pixele photo editing lab offers a variety of image manipulation services, including neck joint, sleeve joint, bottom joint, and 360° rotation. Additionally, the quality is consistently top-notch and unwavering.

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