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How Does Clipping Path Service Work?

In essence, clipping path services are provided by highly experienced professionals who efficiently remove objects or people from still photos using Photoshop clipping path techniques. This service encompasses various aspects like photo editing, image manipulation, and image post-processing tasks, all within the client’s reasonable budget.

Breaking it down, the term ‘clipping’ refers to the act of cutting or excising, while ‘path’ implies a route, way, or pathway. So, a clipping path service is essentially a method for isolating the main subject from a complete photo along its edges.

Pixele photo editing lab, for example, specializes in offering bulk orders of high-quality photo editing solutions through skilled clipping path services. These services include primary path selection, image background removal, mannequin removal, and the elimination of unwanted objects. The increasing demand for this service can be attributed to its performance in the global market.

In summary, a clipping path is a creative technique used to extract an object from a photograph in its most fundamental form. This is essential for enhancing the visual appeal of photos. While extraction may not be necessary for all photo editing tasks, a high-quality clipping path is a crucial element in image editing services. It’s a 100% essential tool for any e-commerce website or product review site looking to attract future clients and customers.

What Is the Need for Clipping Path Service?

The importance of a clipping path service is undeniable, and whether a client requires this service is a valid concern. This company’s services are particularly appreciated by product photographers, who have already had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, from individuals to large corporations and fashion houses.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that high-quality clipping path services find frequent application in the e-commerce sector, including major platforms like eBayAmazonFlipkartAliExpress, and many more. These e-commerce websites often have strict guidelines for image publishing, making it imperative to adhere to their standards.

In addition to e-commerce, various industries, including digital marketing, advertising agencies, modeling agencies, and photography schools, rely on top-quality clipping path solutions. They seek images that stand out and exude professionalism amidst the competition.

Rest assured, we are always here to provide you with exceptional Photoshop clipping path services promptly. With a team of over 46 skilled photo editors, we are well-equipped to create the perfect image background for all your photographs. Drawing from over a decade of professional experience in this industry, our goal is to enhance your e-business through our unique work. Whenever you require our assistance, we stand ready and eager to help.

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Why Is Clipping Path Service Required For Professionals' E-Commerce Products?

Pixele photo editing lab offers a cost-effective service, accompanied by several additional benefits. When considering another company’s services for a fee, it’s essential to evaluate the price carefully. Saving money for the benefit of your company’s profitability is a prudent approach.

Furthermore, in the realm of e-commerce earnings, it’s crucial to create a budget for each service you require. If you’ve inadvertently overlooked this aspect, rest assured that we, as a trusted clipping path service provider, are here to assist you. We can explore various cost options following a thorough discussion between you and our team.

Regardless of the specific service you need or how intricate the details may be, we consistently deliver unwavering excellence. Our commitment is to provide you with the most satisfactory path solutions, ensuring that every client stands on equal footing with us. This has been our practice since 2012, and we continue to execute our clients’ work in a timely and effective manner.

What are multi-clipping path services?

Multi-clipping path services involve creating multiple paths within an image using advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. These paths are used to separate different elements or objects within the same image. Each path corresponds to a specific object or area in the photo. This technique is commonly used in e-commerce, fashion, and product photography industries.

Multi-clipping paths are beneficial when you need to apply different editing treatments to various parts of an image. For instance, in an apparel photograph, different paths can be created for the garment, sleeves, buttons, and accessories. This separation allows for individual adjustments like color correction, background removal, or retouching to be applied precisely to each element without affecting the others.

By using multi-clipping paths, businesses can achieve highly customized and polished images for their catalogs, websites, and marketing materials, ensuring a professional and appealing visual representation of their products or services.

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How It Works?

Our work process is very simple. Follow the below instructions to get started with our photo editing services


Choose the services you need from our list, then contact us.


We quickly send you a quote after analyzing your request. .


If the price is reasonable after the quote, you must accept it..


We produce in accordance with the estimate and sample.

Send to Client

After production is complete, we provide the client the files. .

Approved by Client

Obtain files, review them to see whether everything is fine, and then ask for modifications.

Make Payment

Make your payment if you are happy with the outcome.

Be Happy & Feedback

When a project is completed successfully, be glad and provide feedback.

Easy & Organized

Your workflow will be made easier by using our simple client portal to manage orders, invoices, downloads, etc.

Our Top 6 Clipping Path Service Categories Include:

We appreciate your interest in our services and would be delighted to provide you with sample works as reference points to showcase our key capabilities. On our ‘Photo Gallery’ page, you’ll find a collection of professional work examples that demonstrate the range of services we provide. We understand that while sample images can give you an idea of our capabilities, each shot is unique and may have specific requirements.

Our clipping path service at Pixele photo editing lab is dedicated to meeting all your business needs. Our fundamental goal is to deliver top-quality solutions within your budget. We invite you to try our service for free to experience the significant difference we can make compared to others. The distinctive characteristics of our work speak for themselves, which is why we use samples as illustrative examples.

Basic Clipping Path

Start From-$0.50/image

Basic clipping paths are typically applied to objects that have simple, regular shapes such as straight, rectangular, square, round, or oval. These objects typically do not have any holes or intricate details. Examples of items that often fall into this basic category include containers, boxes, books, smartphones, laptops, watches, showpieces, and similar objects.

Simple Clipping Path

Start From-$1.00/image

A step up in complexity from the basic clipping path is the Simple Clipping Path. This technique is suitable for objects with shapes like straight lines, squares, rectangles, rounds, and ovals.The primary distinction between a simple and basic clipping path is the presence of a hole in the subject. Products or objects with holes fall into the category of simple clipping paths

Advanced Clipping Path

Start From-$3.50/image

The term "Advanced Clipping Path" pertains to images that necessitate multiple or intricate paths. This method enables customers to delineate intricate patterns and boundaries, facilitating the creation of multiple images of the same product. Additionally, it involves working with varying levels of transparency and dissection to achieve the desired results. This technique is typically employed for images that demand a higher degree of complexity and precision in the clipping path process.

Medium Clipping Path

Start From-$2.00/image

A basic clipping path, a medium clipping path is applied to products with multiple holes and a greater number of anchor points, indicating more complex curves and twists. Objects that require a medium clipping path can include items like bracelets, shoes, trinkets, engine parts, watches, and other products with intricate shapes and multiple openings that need precise editing. Get our medium clipping path services at an affordable price with maximum quality.

Complex Clipping Path

Start From-$7.00/image

As the name suggests, a "Complex Clipping Path" is used for objects with intricate shapes and designs. This technique is particularly important for products that have complex contours, numerous holes, and intricate pathways. Examples of items that often require complex clipping paths include necklaces, chains, nets, furry dolls, chandeliers, trees, and intricate architectural structures. This method allows for precise and detailed isolation of the subject from its background in images

Super Complex Clipping Path

Start From-$9.00/image

A "Super Complex Clipping Path" is a technique employed for exceptionally intricate products that feature a substantial number of anchor points and intricate pathways. Implementing this strategy can be extremely tedious and time-consuming due to the excessive complexity of such products. Examples of items that often require super complex clipping paths include bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and similar objects with intricate and detailed designs, often involving many intricate components.

Samples of Clipping Path Service

We appreciate your interest in our services and would be delighted to provide you with sample works as reference points to showcase our key capabilities. On our ‘Photo Gallery’ page, you’ll find a collection of professional work examples that demonstrate the range of services we offer. We understand that while sample images can give you an idea of our capabilities, each shot is unique and may have specific requirements.

Our clipping path service at Pixele photo editing lab is dedicated to meeting all your business needs. Our fundamental goal is to deliver top-quality solutions within your budget. We invite you to try our service for free to experience the significant difference we can make compared to others. The distinctive characteristics of our work speak for themselves, which is why we use samples as illustrative examples.

Our Flexible Work Process:

Efficient photo editing service providers have a well-organized working process, and at Pixele photo editing lab, we follow this principle for all our services, including clipping path outsourcing. Our production procedure is highly organized, ensuring that we meet deadlines and complete project responsibilities on time, whether you use our clipping path service or any other service.

We take pride in offering exceptional quality in our clipping path services. In urgent situations, we also provide an expedited task completion service. However, it’s important to note that in cases where our production team is overworked, we may not be able to provide this critical service.

Our standard service includes timely delivery by the specified deadline. The process is straightforward: we take your requests, establish a schedule, communicate the turnaround time, complete the photo editing, and ensure on-time delivery. It’s a seamless and efficient process designed to meet your needs.

What Sets Us Apart From Other PPEL Exclusive Clipping Path Services?

In the modern era, skilled clipping path services have become essential for product photos to achieve marketing objectives. Marketing heavily relies on visually appealing product images, making it a necessity for both businesses and individuals promoting their key products.

After the subject is extracted, we employ various other photo editing techniques at Pixele photo editing lab (PPEL) to enhance the image further.

Our creative clipping path solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client. This service is indispensable for anyone involved in product sales, including manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. For manufacturers, introducing a product is a critical process because they produce goods for sale.

As a dependable manufacturer, presenting your eye-catching products to as many potential customers as possible is crucial. When it comes to time and cost efficiency, photo marketing stands out as a top choice. The product images you intend to market must be flawless, and this journey often begins with professional photo editing services, with clipping paths being the initial step.

At Your Reasonable Prices, We Provide Top-Quality Clipping Path Service:

Our primary goal is to deliver top-quality service at affordable prices. We prioritize efficient and prompt communication while keeping our pricing competitive. We use the term ‘reasonable’ because the complexity of photo subjects can vary significantly.

Not all photo subjects are identical, and the labor involved can differ accordingly. Therefore, the price of each clipping path is determined exclusively by the complexity of the photo subject. For instance, images with holes or embedded transparencies may have varying costs per clipping path. We strive to offer competitive prices while maintaining high quality. Our commitment is to provide cost-effective solutions compared to other image clipping path and photo editing service providers. We stay updated with market trends and continuously work to keep our pricing as low as possible without compromising quality. You can trust in our ability to deliver both affordability and quality.

We are actively participating in a fiercely competitive market and are proud of our production team’s ability to efficiently process up to 3000 photographs daily. We are continuously working to streamline our service flow so that you can access our services whenever you need them.

Why Are We The Most Trustworthy Clipping Path Service Provider in the USA?

Indeed, offshore enterprises like Pixele photo editing lab can play a crucial role in risk minimization. Our commitment to providing top-notch services ensures that you can rely on us with confidence. By partnering with us, you not only receive high-quality photo editing services but also benefit from cost savings and time efficiency. Your trust in us is greatly appreciated, and we are here to assist you with any assistance you may require.

What Clients Say about Our Work

Walid Slimi Senior Art Director / Designer

The quality of the edits was outstanding, and their service was prompt and effective. The team's assistance and direction on how to get the most out of my images was also incredibly useful. I was quite pleased with the entire process and would strongly suggest this service to anyone. I will come back again .

Elina Hector PackagingGraphic DesignArt Direction

Thrilled with the results! The team at Pixele Photo Editing Lab breathed new life into my photos, exceeding all expectations. Their attention to detail and quick turnaround time made the whole process seamless. Highly recommend their services to anyone looking for top-notch photo editing. Thank you so much.

TviT Ninee Kikson Photography Graphic Design Advertising

Exceptional service! From start to finish, Pixele Photo Editing Lab demonstrated professionalism and skill. They transformed my photos into stunning works of art, capturing the essence of each moment perfectly. With their affordable rates and prompt communication, I'll definitely be a returning customer. Thank you

Michael Clark photographer

Absolutely blown away! They took my ordinary photos and turned them into extraordinary masterpieces. Their creative touch and attention to detail truly set them apart. Working with them was a breeze, and the end results speak for themselves. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you for making my images perfect

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions that people ask us everytime. If you have more questions then you can ask more questions.

Get in touch with our customer service team and explain how you like your orders to be processed. or directly send your images at our email

Our normal delivery time for Clipping Path Service is 24 hours since we are a responsible clipping path company. Well, depending on the number and difficulty of the images, it might differ.

The delivery capability, however, depends on how complicated the photo subject is in the first place. If the subjects are not too challenging to make a path through, we are able to finish up to 2000 photos.

At Pixele photo editing lab, clipping path is a manual photo editing approach. There is, however, a current automatic option. To the best of our ability, we can promise that it will not, however, fulfill your criteria.

Most of the time, our clients want to know how to save and send files in JPEG format. Additionally, it is available in TIFF, JPG, and PSD image formats.

Absolutely, Yes. You can send up-to 2 Images for a free trial to check our service quality. 

Well, If you are not satisfied with the results then you can request several redo's until you are satisfied. Yet, you are not satisfied then you can request for refund.

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